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The Library

The Sanskrit Sahitya Parishat is an exemplary specimen of a very good library which is famous for its rare collection of books and manuscripts . With a stock of more than aprox. 47,000 printed books, it caters to the genuine needs of the lovers of Sanskrit as much as possible. The Library operates more or less in the open–self system and this accounts for the fact that the demand for membership is increasing day by day. Now almost 700 learned people are entitled in the honourable membership of Sanskrit Sahitya Parishat . The Library remains open from 12noon to 6p.m. on six days of the week. Only Thursday and every state government holidays Parishat is closed. Other than two library staff there is one library consultant. There is an Executive Committee who runs this library for the betterment of the research work. All the books of the library are kept in the almirah properly tagged by Dewey Decimal Classification System and maintaining open – self system.

Book Arrangement in the Library:

  • Vedic (General)
    DDC-181.48 / SSP-52
  • Mahābhārata
    DDC-294.5923 / SSP-12
  • Rāmāyana
    DDC-294.5922 / SSP-11
  • Purāṇa
    DDC-294.5925 / SSP-13
  • Śrīmad Bhagavad Gītā
    DDC-294.5924 (G) / SSP-12/1
  • Saṁhitā
    DDC-294.59212 / SSP-1
  • Almanac (Pañjikā)
  • Literature Bengali
    DDC-891.44 / SSP-71
  • Āyurveda
    DDC-615.537 / SSP-29
  • Medicine
    DDC-610 / SSP-67
  • Astrology & Palmistry (Jyotiḥśāstra)
    DDC-133.5 / SSP-29
  • History of Indian Literature
    DDC-891.2 / SSP-51/1
  • Tantra
  • Vyākaraṇa
    DDC-491.25/491.445 / SSP-21
  • Nyāya
    DDC-181.43 / SSP-28/1
  • Vaiśeṣikā
    DDC-181.44 / SSP-28/2
  • Yoga
    DDC-181.45 / SSP-28/4
  • Sāṅkhya
    DDC-181.414 / SSP-28/5
  • Vedānta
    DDC-181.48 / SSP-28/6
  • Sanskrit Sahitya Parishat Patrika
    DDC-491.205SANS / SSP-100/38
  • Vaishnavism
    DDC-294.5512 / SSP-41/1-5
  • Buddhism
    DDC-294.3 / SSP-42
  • Jainism
    DDC-294.4 / SSP-43
  • San.Poetry(Padya)
    DDC-891.21 / SSP-14/ক
  • San.Prose(Gadya)
    DDC-891.23 / SSP-14/খ
  • San.Drama(Nataka)
    DDC-891.22 / SSP-20
  • Alamkara(Rhetoric)
    DDC-891.209 / SSP-24
  • Campu(Mixed)
    DDC-891.21 / SSP-14/গ
  • Kāvya(Vividha)
    DDC-891.2 / SSP-57
  • Kāma Sūtra
    DDC-306.7/613.96 / SSP-27
  • Kāvya(Vividha)
    DDC-891.2 / SSP-57
  • Linguistics
    DDC-491.209/ SSP-59(Bhāṣātattwa)
  • Indian History Culture & Indology
    DDC-954 / SSP-82

Manuscripts Section

For the antiquarian researchers the institutions is a paradise since all the normal difficulties faced by the user of Libraries in India in handling ancient materials have been attempted to be removed through simplification of process of making the materials available. Our manuscripts, numbering Aprox 16,508 are very rich in respect of Dharmaśāstras and Navyanyāya, of which those mentioned in the first category have all been processed, systematised, catalogued in both physical and Digital format (14,251) and well- preserved in such a form that on demand within a minute they may be made available to the user. This is a rare feature. We have already published different Descriptive Catalogues of Sanskrit manuscripts on Tantra, Nyāya ,Dharmaśāstra , Smṛti and Kosa.


Very recently our library started to digitize the entire manuscript collection with the help of National Manuscript mission of the Govt. Of India. On behalf of NMM, CBSL Group is conducting the digitization project with the help of two modern renowned scanners BOOK EYE-4 & BOOK EYE-2. They have already digitized approx 3000 manuscript within nine month.


From the very beginning the language of Sanskrit Sahitya Parishat Patrika Journal is in Sanskrit Language and in Devanagari Scripts. Previously it was published in breaking order but now journal becomes published annually.

  • Sanskrit Sahitya Parishat Patrika Journal has ISSN: 2249-0620